McLaren explains Magnussen departure

Kevin Magnussen, a long-time McLaren development and reserve driver, was release this week and apparently that pink slip came via an email on his birthday. Regardless, the Twitterbook world is all in an outrage over the issue prompting a response from McLaren ‘s silver-tongued Ron Dennis to expand on the issue from the team’s perspective:

“Evidently, we have no space for him at McLaren-Honda as a race driver next year, but there is no shame in being edged out by two world champions, Fernando and Jenson,” said McLaren chairman Dennis.

“We wish Kevin well, and will do all we can to help him successfully embark on the next chapter of his racing career.”

Evidently? An interesting choice of words there considering the many suggestions that Dennis is not over the moon about Jenson Button and would have preferred K-Mags for the role in 2016 but that is just rumors, I have nothing to support that.

Adding to that thread, I did find his mention of Button’s comment supporting Magnussen in the press an interesting mention as well:

“Kevin has always done a very impressive and professional job for McLaren in the five years since he joined our young driver programme in 2010,” Dennis added.

“In 2014 he raced very well alongside Jenson, who is a hugely experienced and very quick world champion.

“Kevin’s grand prix debut in Melbourne last year was rewarded with a podium that day that he, and we, can be justifiably proud of.

“Kevin has continued to work hard for us in 2015, supporting Fernando and Jenson, although he was understandably frustrated not to be racing.

“He is extremely keen to return to racing next year, and, in keeping with our tradition with our young drivers, we will not stand in the way of his ability to fulfil his ambition and potential.

“He is a very talented racing driver, and he deserves to have a Formula 1 career, as Jenson has publicly said.”

Yes, Jenson did “publicly” say that. IS an email slightly better than getting the termination notice via text?

To be fair, the team have many options least of which si two world champions and a young driver, GP2 champion Stoffel Vandoorne. It’s not a fun thing to have happen but in the end, it is just business and Kevin himself knows that as well as anyone.

Let’s hope that he can find an opportunity in F1 for 2016. Manor may be looking to up their game with a new Mercedes lump in the back of the car in 2016.


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Patrick Chapman

I hope that he does find a seat for 2016. Manor, Haas or Renault maybe? I remember the rumor that Ron wanted him over Jenson for 2015 but the mill said that the Mclaren board wanted Jenson over Kmag so that is what happened. Not to mention the public support for Jenson which may have tipped the scales in his favor. Realistically though, when you have so many talented drivers and only 20 odd seats, there is always going to be a lot of dissapointment. I’m expecting that this anouncement will bring out the posters screaming that the “oldies” need… Read more »

peter riva

engine=Honda=Jenson. Business first. Let’s stop pretending otherwise. Not that I think that is a bad choice over Magnussen, but contrary rumors are worthless compared to the partnership rewards and demands with Honda/Jenson.


OK I’m not being sarcastic, I don’t know what the connection between Honda and Button is can you explain please? Because I’ve been wondering about this, why they would spend so much money to have a pretty good driver like Jenson Button when they could have a pretty good driver like Kevin Magnussen probably for free or with sponsorship money. On the other hand, this is the same team that is paying Fernando Alonso like 15 million dollars to DNF instead of taking a hundred million from the driver who finished third last week, so maybe the real answer to… Read more »

Negative Camber

Jenson has worked with Honda for years. He was with BAR F1, which we call BARF 1, and that started with a Honda engine supply. Then Honda bought the team and it became their works team all along using Jenson as the driver and then Brawn got the team with Jenson as the driver and champ that year and now Honda have come to McLaren. His wife is part Japanese if memory serves correctly and has a huge fanbase in Japan as well as within Honda.


Okay, fair enough, and I guess I see the connection, though if the Ron/Board rumors are true I guess I’d side with Ron, that doesn’t seem like such a close connection it ought to control your driver choice. I mean, at this point, does McLaren really need to worry about making Honda happy? Wouldn’t want to offend the people who took you from third to last now would we.

My wife’s Russian, I don’t think Lada feel pressured to hire me as a cab driver or anything…


I don’t know, seems like they’d put a whole lada pressure on you.

peter riva

McLaren will be putting Honda engines in their cars, that’s the point for Ron. Anything Honda needs they MUST okay., Jensen advertises Honda in many countries, has for almost a decade.


understood thanks

Paul KieferJr

Yanno, there is this brand new team that still needs another driver….

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

I really hope he goes to Haas. Him and Romain would be an excellent pairing.

Tom Firth

Who as a Mclaren young driver except Lewis and Kevin Magnussen (Briefly) in the Project Four era of Mclaren have managed to make it to the F1 team?

Mike S

Carmen. Carmen might next year… because Paul secretly hopes Carmen and Pastor are on the same team. It would provide eternal entertainment and illumination. I believe even NBC could utilize the black and white reality they could bring to each broadcast constructed for the’new listener’. “Did you know it rains on one part of the track at Spa and not the other?” “DRS stands for the Drag Reduction System” “Carmen and Pastor are demonstrating what not to do in a formula 1 car, not understanding brakes or corners results in crashes…which are bad”. “And did you known one of the… Read more »