McLaren: F1 KERS has no road car relevency

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According to Autocar, the McLaren F1 technicians presented their KERS to the road car division and the overwhelming sentiment was that it had no relevancy to their products.

“The Formula One people developed mechanical and electrical systems and came and presented them to us,” said a source within Mercedes’ road car engine department.

“The mechanical fly wheel system had absolutely no relevance to road car use, and while the electrical system could be adapted to our needs, it would need to be modified very heavily before it was relevant.

“I don’t believe there is much in common between KERS and our goals on the road car side. It is very interesting technology, but I don’t believe there is a future for it in road car applications.”

However, McLaren’s managing director, Anthony Sheriff, stressed that KERS will be beneficial to road car development in other ways.

“How KERS works is irrelevant,” said Sheriff. “What’s important is that it’s pushing the envelope of battery technology to its limits and that has got to be good news.”

No kidding!! F1B has been saying for two years that this has no relevancy in the road car divisions of any of the manufacturers and in fact it is ruining the Overtaking Working Groups entire goal which was to promote overtaking. The KERS “push-to-pass” button used for 6-seconds per lap by a few of the F1 teams has become the “push-not-to-be-passed” button and has cost teams millions in development. This entire line was a Maxi-ism from day one and has proven to be a blight on the series. Speed TV’s Steve Matchett said it best; it has no place in F1 and if they really wanted to be relevant they would reduce the fuel flow to the engine and force engineers to create systems to exact the same performance with less fuel. I couldn’t agree more with Steve but then again I am the President of the Steve Matchett Fan Club.


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