McLaren fans’ fav British GP moment? Lewis’ 2008 win

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For McLaren fans, the best-ever team moment from a British Grand Prix came in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won a wet (so unusual, huh?!) race for the team.

OK, a few caveats. Keep in mind, this is fans’ favorite McLaren moment at a British GP. And the poll was done on Facebook, so results may be skewed somehow.

The team’s reporting the poll in the hours leading up to the race.

I’ll grant you, I can’t see the results, because Todd does not pay me enough to enable the poll app on Facebook. But here were the choices:

2011 Silverstone – Lewis’ last-lap slice past Massa to finish 4th
2010 Silverstone – Jenson finishes 4th after qualifying 14th
2008 Silverstone – Lewis takes one of F1’s great wet-weather wins
2007 Silverstone – Lewis’ stunning fast lap late on the Saturday
2005 Silverstone – Juan Pablo Montoya takes his first McLaren win
2000 Silverstone – Coulthard beat Hakkinen home to a McLaren one-two
1988 Silverstone – A wet-weather win for Senna, who beats Mansell

According to the team, Lewis’ victory was a big favorite.

You voted overwhelmingly for Silverstone 2008, when Lewis Hamilton took one of Formula 1’s great wet-weather wins. But what was it that made this race such a cherished memory for so many people, not least Lewis himself? Let’s take a closer look…

Although he had notched up two great wins in Australia and Monaco early in the season, after failing to score in Canada and France Lewis had dropped to fourth in the Drivers’ Championship. Winning the French Grand Prix had put Scuderia Ferrari’s Felipe Massa in the lead, 10 points ahead. A good result at Silverstone would help Lewis regain vital momentum.

I suppose this just begs for us to do our own unscientific poll. Even if you’re not a McLaren fan (hi Todd and Mark and Andy!), you still can vote.

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