McLaren – Ferrari relations at all-time high

Ron Dennis
Just when you thought espionage, competition and name-calling were the rules of the game concerning Ferrari and McLaren, Ron has shared with Autosport that things are going very well between them. Who knew that McLaren and Ferrari may just be BFFE? This stand to reason, actually, because I must admit that with Stefano at the helm, we have had more transparency at Ferrari then the Todt years. That’s not a knock on Jean Todt because the guy managed differently.

With the new regime at Ferrari and Ron’s willingness to offer a hand of friendship, which must be commended given what Ron has been through in the last 12 months, this could be good for everyone involved. But what Negative Camber finds more interesting is Ron’s comments on FOTA. Keep your eye on this. Ron is a calculative man and exceptionally intelligent. He doesn’t mention things like this for nothing. Like Bernie, Ron knows when to drop certain hints and when not to. FOTA may be a lot bigger politically than even I was giving it credit for and wouldn’t we all be surprised to find FOTA as a regulatory body for F1 or…dare I say…GP1? Interesting indeed.

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