McLaren forms partnership with YouTube

McLaren have announced a new partnership with YouTube this week and it seems they are cashing in on the increase in subscribers to a new commercial channel. The number of subscribers to McLaren’s YouTube channel has increased by 397% in the last year and, according to McLaren, the revenue generated from the new commercial channel will enable the company to invest in exciting future video projects.

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren Group CEO added:

“As a business, this partnership is extremely positive. McLaren and YouTube are both highly respected brands and combining our content with their expertise will help us both to achieve even more. Being able to gain revenue from our content will also enable us to invest more in future videos, which will be good for our brand, good for our partners and good for our fans.”

McLaren is keen to use the channel to help fans get more in-depth information to the team and Formula 1. Their Tooned episodes have been met with fan approval and continue to celebrate the teams 50th anniversary this year.

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