McLaren hire VW’s Capito as CEO

McLaren have hired Jost Capito, former director of motorsport at Volkswagen, as the new chief executive officer for McLaren Racing.

Having stood in the role as a temporary measure, Jonathan Neale will now become chief operating officer of McLaren Technology Group.

Eric Boullier remains the racing director for the team and this completes a management change away from the team boss model of old.

Capito will apparently start when Volkswagen has found a suitable replacement.

“I first approached Jost last summer,” said Dennis. “He is an extremely impressive, competitive and ambitious individual, who comes to us with a very wide range of automotive and motorsport experience.”

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I spoke to Jost Capito a little over a year ago at the Red Bull GRC event at DirtFish Rally School. He was there to see how well his Wolfsburg built VW Super Beetle’s were performing in the hands of Tanner Foust and Scott Speed. I can attest to his being extremely energetic, enthusiastic, charismatic, and can sell you on almost any idea. You may recall that this was at a time when Jost was butting heads with stage rally purists in his quest to have a final day “shoot out” in the WRC. He almost convinced me that it… Read more »


Thanks for sharing that insight Oregon, I’d love to see Capito suceed at McLaren/Honda the way he has with VW WRC.
I’d also love to see how Ron deals with the ‘ demonstrative interpersonal physical interfacing celabratory behaviour, in an objective achievement reinforcement or adverse outcome conciliation context’, that could get interesting :-)

jiji the cat

That would have to be the most direct quote I have ever heard from Ron