McLaren, Honda for 2015

In 1988 there was a team named McLaren with an engine supply from Honda that dominated the sport and if you are fond of history, those two names may just return to launch a new assault on Formula One in 2015. According to Japanese press, Honda will announce as soon as this week the new deal that will see the Japanese car maker return to the sport it left in 2010 as an engine supplier.

The lure for Honda is the new engine format for 2014 onward which consists of a V6 turbo engine and this plays more directly into the relevancy of many road car manufacturers as an incubator series for engine development as the format is common among their current models. Reuters says it is being reported in the press but Honda couldn’t comment saying:

“There is nothing we can say at the moment,” Honda spokesman Shigeki Endo said.

It will come full circle should McLaren driver Jenson Button still be with the team in 2015 as he spent a good amount of time behind the wheel of Honda’s F1 effort in 2000 and eventually won the title in a re-branded Honda in 2009. Let’s hope McLaren can recapture that magic of 1988… only thing missing is Ayrton Senna.

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