As Super Aguri race to find their financial backing to stay afloat, this report explains that McLaren may have their own financial problem as well.

With lackluster sales of the SLR and a $50M fine, McLaren have very little reserve cash for the future. Having trimmed their bottom line already, perhaps Ron’s personal struggles are more a symbol of the situation he faces both professionally and personally. Not to suggest that McLaren are also on the ropes, lets not forget they have the hottest thing since Schumacher and stand to do well with the marketing juggernaut that is Lewis Hamilton.

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Geesh guess they’ll have to sell Lewis to Ferrari in 09 to keep afloat. Sorry Alonso.


This all sets the stage for Mercedes to come in and Buy McClaren. It has got to be upsetting and cause confusion (brand wise) pain because even though the official name for BWM is BMW Sauber we all refer to them as BMW (McClaren Mercedes). So how do you get that corrected? Well you need to take control over the McClaren name and push it to the side (keep it for history sake) so you will truely have, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton….Mercedes Team Leads Barcelona Tests….Mercedes Team Boss Gets a Divorce….etc. Just buy them and be done with it Mercedes!!


My understanding is that Ron owns 15% of the company. Merc own between 30 – 40% – I can’t remember the exact figure. I believe Mansour Ojjeh owns 15% with the remainder ownder by an Arabian Oil Billionaire. – There was an article about this recently in F1 Racing magazine but I can’t remeber the exact figures.