McLaren J-Damper mystery exposed

As you may recall, Renault were also part of the spygate saga in F1 last year and it was determined that Renault had indeed received McLaren’s technical information via a computer disc from a former McLaren employee that was now under Renault employment.One of the issues was a part McLaren called a “j-Damper”. When queried, Renault technical director Pat symonds said “what’s a J-Damper?” when asked about the affair.

It seems now that McLaren actually have themselves an Inerter Damper that was created at Cambridge University and contractually acquired by McLaren through a 3-year non confidentiality agreement. McLaren have been using the “j-damper”, which is just a code name for the “inerter damper” since 2005 when they entered into a confidentiality agreement with Cambridge University. Well before Renault’s mass-damper was banned by the FIA.

As the confidentiality agreement has ended, the owners of the Inerter Damper have now licensed their product with Penske Racing Shocks, a large supplier of F1 teams, and it is now believed that Force India as well as others are now using the famous J-Damper. Woo hoo! The secret revealed!

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