McLaren leaving seat empty on F1 board

According to The Independent, McLaren has an opportunity to place an executive on the board of Formula One but has failed to do so. The offer is open but according to F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone, the Woking-based group has yet to provide a person to take the role:

“McLaren could have a director if they made their mind up,” said Bernie Ecclestone. “It was going to be one of the Bahrainis but they haven’t got a director at the moment.”

The article goes on the suggest that there could be a bit of a power struggle happening at the company with 50% of McLaren owned by Bahrain’s Mumtalakat sovereign wealth fund and 25% held by Ron Dennis with the other 25% owned by Saudi Mansour Ojjeh.

Ojjeh has been having some health issues for the last year or so and perhaps this is why Dennis is back at the helm of the race team. A spokesman for McLaren said:

“It is a right available to us that for various reasons we have chosen not to take up thus far. However, we continue to review the option.”

It is also interesting to note that the article suggests that Dennis is wooing Chinese cash to help him buyout the other two shareholders and regain control of the entire company. If this is all truly happening, it would be easy to get distracted from your recalcitrant car on the 2014 grid wouldn’t it? Very strange that they’ve yet to offer up anyone to represent the team(s) on the F1 board though. That does smack of internal politics.

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