McLaren MP4-12C: A New Supercar


You might recall that we ran a small story hereand here about Frank Stevens. Frank is the American designer who worked for Ferrari, Fiat and Mini to name a few. Apparently the fruit of his labor has come to the light of day in the MP4-12C.

Frank Stephenson said: “Many sports cars and supercars present an ‘in-your-face’, ‘look-at-me’ image that can become wearing and boorish. I hope that with the 12C we have produced a car that will still look great in years to come.”

While Ron Dennis said, “What we are offering is a new approach to the market, through a skilled, solid, debt-free and risk-managed company. McLaren is right to take this step now and support future growth of high-technology manufacturing and engineering jobs in the UK.”

All of this and the details of about the car can be found on the Telegraph’s story here. Good for Ron and Frank. I also love how Ron has not lost his penchant for Ronspeak even in the road car division. here is hoping Max Mosley’s departure will see the return of Mr. Dennis to the pit wall…no offense to Martin Whitmarsh but this Ferrari fan misses Ron loitering around the paddock and making fun of Robert Kubica’s nose.

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