McLaren not hiding anything in Alonso incident

The Australian paddock is buzzing with the start of the 2015 Formula 1 season but it doing so without the driving talents of 2-time champion Fernando Alonso. Alonso testing accident left the Spaniard with concussion and while the details of his testing crash are minimal, it has left ample room for speculation.

The speculation is conspiratorial in nature in some case leaving the team to sort out which wild accusations to address and which to ignore. McLaren’s Eric Boullier has engaged the press about the current investigation into the accident by the sport’s governing body, the FIA, and says that scant details are being released to the press because there simply isn’t much data that suggests there was an issue with the car:

“We first cared about Fernando being cared for by the doctors and, as far as I know, that is a personal thing so nobody has access to the medical files except the doctors,” said Boullier.

“The second thing [is that], technically, on the car, we have conducted all the investigations very transparently and openly with the FIA.

“Everything we have conducted so far, we couldn’t find anything wrong or which has implied the accident.

“We are still looking for further investigations, but we have given our report to the FIA and we are working with the FIA.

“Nothing else can be said on this. We have nothing to hide.”

All thing given, he’s right about Fernando’s medical condition. That is a entirely private matter that only Fernando can share but as for the car, the team suggest they’ve given everything to the FIA but they have not given everything to the press. Details such as the speed of impact and the amount of G-force recorded by the car’s accelerometer for instance.

Time will tell and it will be an interesting read if the FIA publishes their review of the incident. One knock-on effect is that the FIA has asked teams to fit high speed cameras to their cars during testing because one of the issue is good quality video of the accident involving Alonso.


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