McLaren offers you its protection

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The good news for Kevin Magnussen is that his formula 1 father and pedigree won’t have to worry about protecting him from the big, evil leviathan that is F1…or Gamera as its called in Tokyo. Nope, this young, untarnished lad has McLaren to watch over him according to Jonathan Neale:

“I hope we can protect him from the ravages of F1,” Neale told AUTOSPORT.

“For anybody coming up from another series to F1, the white heat of expectation is very difficult.

“So we need to shelter them from that expectation in the media, and the ups and the downs in the media that inevitably go with it.”

Now that is good news. It’s nice to know that the ravages of F1 won’t be hammering him like a record contract to Travis Meeks. Young Kevin (whom I believe may now be called Magnes ver Magnussen by myself. Yes, I know it’s a “U” but I have to keep with the “E”‘s in his name), has a guardian to watch over him like Kevin Costner without the gills.

This is good to know because F1 can be a cruel world. As Neale points out, the team did a good job of watching out for Lewis Hamilton..uh, cough..hiccup…they did? The unraveling of this young man’s career and relationship with his father and the eventual move to Mercedes isn’t exactly what I would call an exemplary track record.

We’ll see how Mages ver Magnussen gets along with the “ravages” of F1 but I surmise his dear old dad will have a few tales of woe that will keep him frosty and help him avoid the pitfalls that plague many young drivers who experience the one and done career program in Formula 1. I’m not suggesting this will be as smooth as a Wallace & Davis road show but then again Kevin doesn’t have to have a waist size of Vera-Ellen either.

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