McLaren play down Oz chances

MArtin Whitmarsh has commented on McLaren’s form and prospects in the season opener in Australia. Suggesting that McLaren are on the their heels to start the season doesn’t bode well and if testing is any measure, he may not be sandbagging their performance or his words.

“We go into the start of the 2009 season fully aware that we do not yet have the technical package that will allow our drivers to fight at the front,” said Whitmarsh in a team preview.

“In Formula 1, there is nowhere to hide: that’s what makes our sport so demanding and yet so endlessly fascinating.

“And as a team that goes grand prix racing with the expectation of winning races and challenging for world championships, we therefore go to Melbourne with realistic expectations.

“Nonetheless, we begin our season with huge determination to re-assert ourselves at the front and we will not rest for a moment until we have done that. Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten how to win.”

We’ll see Martin. but I am intrigued by the overall vibe of Mclaren’s statements. If you juxtapose Martins words with those of Ron Dennis in the past, this is refreshing and perhaps more transparent than Max has been since pulling his drawers up and retaining his Presidency on the guise of more transparency. Martin is displaying the new culture and communication method for McLaren under his command and I, for one, like it…no, not because I am a Ferrari fan and love to see McLaren squirm. I’ve always had tremendous respect for MArtin and so far he seems to be doing a good job at the helm.

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