McLaren poaches Red Bull Aero chief

If Auto Motor und Sport’s Michael Schumidt has his rumor sources sorted, it seems Red Bull could be taking a shot in the shorts by losing Peter Prodromou, Head Aerodynamicist, to McLaren.

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh dropped bread crumbs in Korea that they would soon be announcing some big appointments in their technical program in Woking. Some have speculated that this could be Ross Brawn, to helm the return on Honda in Formula 1, and others but Schumidt has it pinned down to Prodromou who has worked with Red Bull before.

While Adrian Newey is the brain trust and technical genius at Red Bull, it certainly doesn’t mean he’s the only one who has full faculty of his cranial computer. The loss would be very tangible at Red Bull and equally tangible at McLaren but is this the only new-hire the team will announce?

Prodromou has worked for McLaren back in 2002-2006 as Adrian’s right-hand man. The significance is that Red Bull have been a team that has rarely lost key personnel to other teams. The secret to some team’s success is poaching key talent to take advantage of the skills and knowledge they bring with them. Red Bull have been very staunch in preventing that situation and if Schmidt has his rumors straight, Peter’s departure would be massive.

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