McLaren release 2018 car…it’s orange!

McLaren have launched their 2018 car and as expected, it is orange. I’ve seen many social media posts about McLaren going back to Pre-Ron Dennis days and Papaya Orange and now it’s back to its good old days before Ron ruined it with black and grey…predator grey to be exact.

I understand the excitement and that’s great but I do shudder inside when I see those posts. Ron Dennis may not be everyone’s cup of tea or an easy guy to work for but he is a massive part of McLaren’s success over the years so I tend to think comments like the one’s I am seeing are very misguided about Ron’s impact apart from not making an orange car.

The new car is orange and here’s the release.

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Freakin awesome! I hope it hauls butt. McLaren should have always been papaya orange.


Why on earth is CNBC a sponsor? That just seems weird to me.


Answering my own question:

“McLaren said the new multi-year deal will be used to “unlock the potential of the network’s powerful audience of business leaders and investors”, as it seeks to boost its fortunes following a dismal few seasons.” Hat tip to

sunny stivala

I am pleased to see more sponsor logo’s then last year but F1 cars shouldn’t look this empty of sponsors logo’s. The biggest one is still missing and that for sure hurts dollar wise. At McLaren technological partners is not the same as sponsors, they call them corporate partners.
technical partners:- gives their stuff for free.
corporate partners:- gives money.
official suppliers:- gives discounts .


Speaking of…. They have a really cool slider comparing to last years car…

sunny stivala

Up to what has been shown there is very little difference from last years car.


Thanks for the link S&A, based on those comparisons there is very little difference between the cars.
So either;
a) it is the best chassis on the grid, with the best aero, and needed no changes apart from the p.u
b) this is just a ‘livery launch’ and we’ll only see the 2018 car in testing.
c) Mclaren are out of budget and are having to run the 2017 car……..


Be Brave? – Firing Ron, Hiring Zak, Ditching Honda, Signing Renault, Letting Alonso race WEC, Going Papaya, Inverting one of the 3’s.
Is that going to be enough Bravery to get them back to the podium?