McLaren / Renault threaten Oz boycott?

The Times reported that there was a heated meeting at Bernie Ecclestone’s office last week that centered around some money that some teams felt was due them and found them threatening to boycott the season opener in Australia. Apparently Flacio, Ron and Toyota’s John Howett was in attendance and things got tense…or at least that Bernie’s take on things. A small excerpt to prompt you to the link at the times…it’s a tasty, gossipy type story that is at least fun to read and as the Times is Bernie’s preferred vehicle of choice for getting his word out; I found it humorous:

“If they come in here with a gun and hold it to my head, they had better be sure they can f***ing pull the trigger,” he said. “And they should make sure it’s got bullets in it because, if they miss, they better look out.”

Is it me or is Bernie starting to sound like Max? With all the bravado and “FOTA-Schmota” talk I sense that perhaps FOTA is starting to work on the nerves of the dynamic duo. It would be interesting to get Ron’s take on this but I doubt he engages Bernie in his media rant. Hang on folks, the fun is just starting…who has the popcorn?

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