McLaren reticent of two-tier system

Martin Whitmarsh learned from the master in the art of evasive and perplexing comments…RONSPEAK! Not a day after being shaken down by the FIA for their part int he lying affair in Australia, Martin Whitmarsh has all but denounced the two-tier budget cap system announced today by the FIA. You go Martin! McLaren, like Williams, has their concerns over the system as proposed and holding firmly to the FOTA initiative of cost cutting he has offered his concerns.

“As a member of FOTA, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is of course supportive of FOTA’s recent efforts to reduce costs in Formula 1,” said Whitmarsh. “Equally, we recognise the excellent work done recently by the FIA in the area of cost-reduction.

“Having said all that, we understand that some teams’ operational budgets may still be unnecessarily high in the challenging global economic situation in which we now find ourselves.

“Nonetheless, we believe that the optimal solution – which may or may not include a budget cap, but which ideally would not encompass a two-tier regulatory framework – is most likely to be arrived at via measured negotiation between all parties.

“We at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes are happy to contribute to that process as and when required.”

I like it Martin! Keep it up. It seems while Max said that the FOTA porposal for cost-cutting or budget caps was “weak”, the teams feel they can sort this out themselves. Seriously, does anyone like the idea of the FIA calculating what they think F1 will gross next year and distributing money based on that fanciful equation? If you ask me? CVC is running very closely to know being able to pay its debt load and this is a way for Bernie and Max to throttle back the payout of TV revenue to the teams leaving more money for Bernie. Max and CVC to service debt with. If I were one of the teams I would say BS! FOTA will kick in to gear over this issue and it is about time to take the gloves off and get started boys. The McLaren debacle is behind us and while the FIA will try to keep McLaren in line with their suspended ban; FOTA must move forward with real solutions to the issues and not more land-grab measures for CVC, FIA and FOM.

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