McLaren running on hope, hard work

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I’ve seen a few of the pictures and jokes going around about McLaren over the last several weeks and if you’re a fan of the Woking-based team, it might be hard to stay positive but as we mentioned on a recent podcast, Jenson Button always seems positive even when his car isn’t handling very well or in the case of his current situation, isn’t handling at all.

With a dual DNF in Malaysia and only one car finishing in the season opening race in Australia, how does Button stay upbeat?

“A lot of people have asked me how l am so positive and how the team is so upbeat and it is because we see a great future,” Button told the press in Shanghai on Thursday.

“There’s a lot in the pipeline for the future. There’s just a lot of hard work and improving [to do] before we get there.”

A lot of work indeed.

What about Fernando?

For his teammate, Fernando Alonso, leaving Ferrari seemed like the right thing to do and in the long run, it may be. That hasn’t stopped the press from asking him about his decision as Ferrari won the Malaysian Grand Prix two weeks ago and McLaren failed to even finish.

“In five years I finished second three times and I didn’t want to finish second anymore, so I’m in the right place now,” Alonso told Sky Sports News HQ.

“They tried for five years so it was difficult to keep the trust. Not only the trust, there are many other factors that [mean] McLaren-Honda are more attractive for me now.

“Of course, I understand the questions – Ferrari won in Malaysia, I was out of Q2, so it’s a very easy question now.

“But in November we’ll see. If they win the championship, it’s a bad decision. If they finish second, it’s a very good decision.”

The point is, Alonso feels McLaren have a lot to offer in the long game. He’s not interested in finishing second again in the world championship. He’s looking for first and while McLaren are a long way off from that, he obviously feels they have much more to gain.

Time will tell.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports


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Paul KieferJr

This reminds me of an old saying: “If you can keep your head about you while everyone is losing theirs, then you simply do not understand the situation.” This may also apply to Button, Alonso and/or McLaren in general.

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