McLaren “Sabotaged” Andretti?

Marco Andretti

Marco Andretti, speaking with the Associate Press, said that McLaren effectively sabotaged his father’s Formula 1 career.Michael Andretti drove for McLaren in the 1990’s with Ayrton Senna as his teammate. Michael Andretti was replaced by Mika Hakkinen.

Marco hopes to have a future in Formula 1 but is only interested in a top team (aren’t they all). When asked about it, he said:

“If you ask me, it was sabotage. They would make the car do weird things in the corner electronically, stuff out of his control,” he said.

Speaking of Senna, he said “He was one of the few who knew what was really happening in the team, and I think he believed in my father. It was Monza that he really said, ‘Give him my car. Give him exactly what I had’,”.

Apparently McLaren did not answer a request for comment. Imagine that? Now we all know this isn’t true because McLaren have an equal driver policy so while they did not comment on this story; I am sure it is because they are busy preparing equal cars and strategies for Lewis and Heikki.

Actually? I find this all a little hard to digest as Marco is probably recalling the explanation given to him by his father and that explanation is certainly going to be a little biased. Michael is no Mario and I think that had more to do with it than any McLaren conspiracy to protect Senna from a threatening Michael Andretti. Let’s hope Marco is more like his grandfather. Especially when recalling history and the prudence of using words out loud when they should probably be kept in one’s head.

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