McLaren shouldn’t be apologizing for anything

McLaren’s dismal qualifying attempt at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix is no reason to be apologizing to anyone about their new engine supplier Honda nor their decision to move to the Japanese car maker for their shove in 2015.

McLaren will start last on the grid for Sunday’s race and while that is not a place the team wants to be, they are making investment in the future for their program. Ron Dennis said:

“If your objective is to win a World Championship, you have to have a strong OEM [original equipment manufacturer] behind you which has the technology and capability to produce a winning engine – and that’s what Honda has, they’ve proven it many times,” Dennis said.

“It might take a bit longer than we would like but we are on the journey and we will see it through to the end.”

He’s absolutely correct. The end of their Mercedes relationship was a foregone conclusion when Brawn lured the German company into his fold back in 2009. McLaren are a proud company of very intelligent folks and they will continue to develop the car into a platform that is effective. I have no doubt about that.

Formula 1 fortunes ebb and flow and it has been a while since the team has seen the bright light of the sharp end of the grid, we can all agree on that. But that is why the management changes were made, key personnel were poached and hired, Fernando was brought in. It’s a building process.

I freely admitted that my expectations for McLaren this year were way too big. I had hoped Honda would come back and the marriage of chassis and lump would see them at the front but those are unrealistic expectations in a racing series this complicated with hybrid engines and such.

It will take time but I would echo Ron’s sentiments and clearly state that they owe no one an apology for making core decisions that will effect large portions of their racing operation and in time prove to the correct elements in getting the team competitive again.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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