McLaren summonded before World Motorsport Council…of course

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Well it wouldn’t be the FIA if they didn’t seek and opportunity to kick McLaren in the groin. It appears they have now been summoned before the WMSC on charges of bringing the sport into disrepute. I find that rich considering the head of the FIA, Max Mosley and his antics.

Let there be no mistakes folks; I am a Ferrari fan and every race I want Ferrari to pound McLaren in to the sand and dance upon their graves but I have to be honest, this is really getting old. The sport is already in disrepute and the event is actually not that major of a deal. Max’s regulation changes and recommendations have done more to bring the sport in to disrepute than Lewis lying. Seriously, as a Ferrari fan I have to admit that this “their always picking on McLaren” thing is starting to make sense.

Where is exactly is Max’s head? His spank-party antics did more to tarnish F1 than any lie made to the stewards. Bernie’s business acumen of leaving stalwart tracks in favor of third-world nations hosting Grands Prix over money is a bigger scandal than a lie to a steward. Have we not made enough of this? As a Ferrari fan, I am getting dog-eared with Max’s bravado and the FIA’s meddling in the sport. Something has to give. It would be nice if all the teams showed up to support McLaren in April. I think that would be a good message to send. Just saying…


Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has been invited to appear before an extraordinary meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on Wednesday, 29 April, 2009, to answer charges that, in breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting Code, it

* on 29 March, 2009, told the stewards of the Australian Grand Prix that no instructions were given to Hamilton in Car No. 1 to allow Trulli in Car no. 9 to pass when both cars were behind the safety car, knowing this statement to be untrue;

* procured its driver Hamilton the current World Champion, to support and confirm this untrue statement to the stewards;

* although knowing that as a direct result of its untrue statement to the stewards, another driver and a rival team had been unfairly penalised, made no attempt to rectify the situation either by contacting the FIA or otherwise;

* on 2 April, 2009, at a second hearing before the stewards of the Australian Grand Prix, (meeting in Malaysia) made no attempt to correct the untrue statement of 29 March but, on the contrary, continued to maintain that the statement was true, despite being allowed to listen to a recording of the team instructing Hamilton to let Trulli past and despite being given more than one opportunity to correct its false statement;

* on 2 April, 2009, at the second stewards’ hearing, procured its driver Hamilton to continue to assert the truth of the false statement given to the stewards on 29 March, while knowing that what he was saying to the stewards was not true.


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