McLaren: SURPRISE! This isn’t really out 2018 car…psych!

Well here we were all talking about McLaren’s increased performance but the struggles they still face being down on Renault and Red Bull Racing. We wondered if the team could develop the chassis over the season to be a contender against the teams with like-minded engines. We were concerned and some were frightened and afraid.

Little did we now that this isn’t even the dang 2018 car!!! Thanks for letting us in on the secret, McLaren. Good grief, we got all worked up over a 2017-2018 hybrid chassis when you’ve been holding back the Ace of spades card all along.

“The 2018 car is coming to Barcelona, and obviously we hope that’s the car we expect it to be,” Eric Boullier told Autosport.

“The car we have now, is as per plan, it’s not that we missed the targets with it.

“But we missed the schedule targets with it, which means the car we’ll have in Barcelona should have been in Australia.

“So we are running actually with an evolution of last year, and not the new car. And this car hopefully will be the one that we expect.”

Now this is good if you feel the team were really struggling and looked to be doomed to finish the season behind Renault and Red Bull. However, it could be bad if the “new car” comes out and is even slower or doesn’t immediately take the fight to Red Bull. Important to set the right expectations up front I suggest.

On the flip side, there are probably a host of reasons they are being schedule and least of these is the new Renault engine. These cars are designed around the engines and I wonder if the late switch to Renault meant they were behind the eight ball on the chassis design. Just a hunch.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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So, does this make it the 2017 1/2 car instead?

sunny stivala

+1 good one that RAPIERMAN


It makes Boullier a 2018 1/4 team manager.

sunny stivala

“The 2018 car is coming to Barcelona” by one of the 2 “B’S” through Autosports. In my opinion this is a misleading self arranged made and prepared by one man answer and question. The car McLaren are running is their supposedly podium and even race capable improved upon the best chassis on track of 2017. The McLaren two “B&B’S” should stop spreading empty talk, talking about a fast car, will not give you one, you’ll have to build it, see it’s potential, and then let the results do the talking. On a different tame re the agreed upon 5 kg… Read more »


Good grief! How many different stories are McLaren going to come up with?
Maybe they just need to shut up for a while, and focus on the racing.


Yeah, their PR department must be working overtime with this. Do they really think we haven’t caught on?

Now, if they would have announced this during the car launch it would have been much more believable as they only had a short time to adjust to the Renault PU. I still think what they did in a short period of time was great. I’m sure most of the teams could have done the same job. Bit with the time frame involved there were most likely a lot of compromises made to ensure they were ready for testing.

sunny stivala

When last year they were running Honda engine and so they did not have a benchmark to compare their car with, they not only kept insisting but boosted that they had the best chassis on the grid and only the engine was holding them back. What actually happened was they were deluding themselves with an aero package that is not up to scratch.


How convenient.
Perhaps McLaren will reveal their 2018 car and have it be the firstthing to air in F1TV.


Seemed to me that the “S-duct to nowhere,” known for sometime and existing because the new tub had not yet been approved, makes this sort of yesterday’s news.