The FIA is investigating team orders allegedly imposed by McLaren boss Ron Dennis at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. Adamant that they did not break the FIA sporting regulations or manipulate a grand prix outcome; the team was slathered with vitriolic comments in the British media.

This F1 fan recalls the lambasting Ferrari took from Mr. Dennis when team orders were given in 2002 to Rubens allowing Michael Schumacher to win. The Piety at which Mr. Dennis presented in allowing his team to fight for every inch of track and never have team orders. It was the high-water mark of Mr. Dennis’s criticism of Ferrari and its entire staff. In Mr. Dennis’s defense, there were many times Mika and DC could have been scripted and perhaps they were but not known to myself or others as the outcomes did not looked ordered. Perhaps Mr. Dennis has realized over the years that team orders are not always easy to define or that getting both cars home is the best race “strategy” irrespective of how much one might like to see two teammates put their cars in the Armco as the attempt to wrest the win from one another. Ronspeak?

Regardless of the reason, I personally feel the British press is incandescent over the outcome as they all predicted a Hamilton win. The look on Lewis’s face; his fathers face; Ron’s face told a tale of disappointment and lost expectations. Lewis struggled to convey the reason for his lack of a win that the entire media had heralded, as seen in my previous post, and seemed nonplussed at the entire situation. There is no doubt that Lewis is a talented driver but the hype, pomp and circumstance surrounding this kid will either destroy him or lead to harsh criticism of any team manager that doesn’t insure a win for a rookie sensation who has all the earmarks of being the best marketing juggernaut F1 has had since Senna. British-Grenada decent, handicapped brother, stage Dad and swarthy good looks all but guarantee the lavishing of praise by a rabid British press who need Lewis to win more than he does. If to save face only as this weekend was a forgone conclusion for them.

Lewis doesn’t need to sell papers. He needs to concentrate on a long career in F1. He needs to learn and to pace his success for a life-long opportunity. Let’s be real, folks, second place at Monaco in your first year of F1 is a tremendous success and yet judging by the press; it is a complete let down and certainly not their beloved prodigy’s fault. One quote said error free race; not sure what he watched but I saw Lewis hit the Armco several times. Let’s stop the hype, pandering and blaming. The finger of blame usually turns upon itself eventually. Leave Ron alone. He did not ruin Lewis’s career this weekend; he orchestrated it since the kid was 12 so lest anyone forget, Ron has been good for Lewis. If the British press would get off this kids back; Lewis will be good for Ron in time. In Time.

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