McLaren: That was physics, that’s Heikki


I was just reading the Q&A at Autosport with Jonathan Neale and his comment about Heikki Kovalainen caught my eye. As we are usually the first to ask around F1B…what’s the deal with Heikki?

The Q&A is very good and the questions were insightful and prompted very interesting answers but I found the drum roll for Kovalainen a bit of a chuckle. Simply put, “that’s physics, that’s Heikki”. So now you officially know the answer to the infamous question from the forum…”what’s the deal with Heikki?”.

I also noted, of course, that they did manage to ask Mr. Neale if Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer has screwed up so bad as to damage the good name of test drivers forever. Okay, I’m taking some liberty with the question but surprisingly I am not far off. Huh? Will teams shy away form their paid test drivers should they need to call on them for fear of a Badoer-esque type incident?

Perhaps we could refer to this as the Badoer Gambit or Badoer Syndrome where teams actually enjoy losing 10 million pounds as Ed points out. I find that a bit of an odd question as test drivers are a part of the team, paid and a known entity.

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