McLaren to remain silent on April 14th?


It was reported today that McLaren would be speaking or presenting at the upcoming April 14th hearing at the International Court of Appeals (ICA) regarding the legality of the diffusers currently used by Brawn GP, Williams F1 and Toyota F1. It appears that McLaren will not be making any sort of comments, presentations or even a peep at this hearing and that’s probably the best policy at this point. Unfortunately they probably do have some things to say but pontificating on the legality of any teams car at this point seems futile for them given the hot water they find themselves in.

“When questioned about this by media in the past, McLaren personnel have stated that we believe that the diffusers used on the Brawn, Toyota and Williams cars are outside the scope and intent of the technical regulations,” a McLaren spokesman said.

“We will therefore be attending Tuesday’s hearing, but will not be making any oral presentations.

“McLaren’s role is therefore not an active one, whereas it is understood that BMW Sauber, Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault will all be making oral presentations to the ICA at the hearing. The ICA has acknowledged that McLaren will not be making any oral presentations at the hearing.”

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