McLaren: We struggle because we’re too good

I do like a good spin on a bad situation. It can lift an otherwise dreary mood. That’s why I was amused at McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh’s comments about why the team missed the target for 2013.

According to AUTOSPORT, Whitmarsh says that the real reason the team missed the mark in 2013 was actually due to last year’s car being such an overperforming. It seems that the car was estimated to performa at one level in the wind tunnel but on track it actually did better than expected.

“That was another thing that caused this: we’re always looking at the correlation between full-scale windtunnel and CFD, and there’s always an offset between those, and we work on that.

“That was another thing that has exacerbated this situation. The real [2012] car was actually better than the windtunnel [model].”

This led to the 2013 underperforming and this befuddled the team sending them off in the wrong direction. If we weren’t so damn good in 2012 we would have been a lot better in 2013…or so it seems.

Now, to be honest, I do believe that the 2012 McLaren was the car to beat last year and only through missteps and team hiccups did they not finish better than they did. The car did look terrific though. Seems Ferrari may not be the only one having issues with their windtunnel if the data is says your car will be decent and it turns out it is exceptional…problem is, Ferrari’s data went the other way.

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