McLaren’s new car colors are here

Well, it’s happened. McLaren have officially changed their colors for the 2015 Formula 1 season. And really….why not?

I did like AUTOSPORT’s article that reminded us of what Ron Dennis said earlier this year about changing the car color for some aesthetic reason and how that didn’t make sense and how he’d change the damned thing when and how he wants.

The big question is, how do you like the new, “dynamic, predatory, graphite-grey colouration”?

Is it predatory? Dynamic? Is it basically black with some chrome parts and a splash of color? Are you upset they didn’t go old school with the white an red like days of yore?

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Fred Talmadge

Well I never liked the chrome thing, but I would of painted it orange.

Negative Camber

I’ve seen strong arguments for McLaren orange and the classic red and white of the past Honda era. Many of the long-time Macca fans I know say it should have been orange. :)


Orange was always Bruce’s colour. It has never been one of Ron’s favourite colours, his colour choice is and always has been grey. Although for the right price he would paint the car any colour.


Mclaren are more than happy to use ‘Mclaren Orange’ in marketing their road cars. While that makes sense to the petrol heads who know that Mclaren have a history, you’d think the link would be made a whole lot stronger if they adopted that colour for the F1 cars. (And I’m biased but, I think it could look just as exciting as red on a Ferrari)

Paul KieferJr

Are these guys trying to be Lotus? :-/

'The Believer

The way they have started..they won’t mind finishing where lotus cars are finishing :)


Well being Force India didn’t seem to be working out for them, so why not go with Lotus?


I like it. I’m one foot in the camp that want more white, but I like this new livery. I think its more predatory like they say and more interesting than the chrome and black. It looks even nicer when you get to see it from the top.

I wonder if the cars’ livery is subject to the same rule as the helmets. As much as people are wanting more nostalgic colors, McLaren might be limited to how much they can change to remain “recognizable” according to the rules.


I suspect that the FIA doesn’t have the same rules regarding livery changes as they do for helmets – Unlike helmets I think the sponsorship deals drive the look more than anything else. Plus, the teams never took on the practice of drastically changing the livery for every race like some drivers had…

Besides, even if a team made a drastic change to their livery we’d always have the number that we could easily spot and use to… oh, right… F1 doesn’t care if we can spot the number…


I believe that the only ruling about the livery is that both the team’s cars must be identical, remember BAR F1 and the problem they had trying to run one car in Lucky Strike and the other in 555 livery.


it looks fast… maybe that will scare some competitors away (until they can make the thing GO fast)…


It’s always Halloween at McLaren – orange and black.


Stop me if I’m repeating what someone else already said. And I know it’s conspiracy theoryish but the timing of this must’ve been planned before the season even started because this seems like “look at us, we’re here now.” That engine has never been at full power yet in a race. McLaren-Honda was holding back in their ‘extended winter testing’ (first four races) because they knew they weren’t going to be ready. They said it over and over. I know all teams care about reliability, but for Honda, it’s reliability and then everything else (i don’t mean to come off… Read more »


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Soon it will look just like a Caterham! Wait a second… their results already look like a Caterham!