Mehri & Pippin will grid-up for Mordor GP

I know you were worried, so was I. Would they sit in the garage for the entire weekend or would they reboot their laptop, get the software sorted and fire up and engine in order to make a run or three in Malaysia? I’m happy to report that Manor GP not only ran this weekend but they will be allowed to race on Sunday.

Allowed you say? Yes, allowed. You see, Formula 1 has a rule called, conveniently enough, the 107% rule which says that a car must qualify within 107% of the pole position time. Both Manor’s failed to do so but the race stewards have reviewed their case and determined that the team had set previous lap times that were competitive over the balance of Friday and Saturday, thus they are “allowed” to race.

There may be nothing better than Folgers in your cup but truth be known, getting to grid-up your Battlestar Galactica rag-tag fleet in Malaysia may just trump whatever black sorcery Folgers has up its sleeve.

While the Cylons hovered around Manor’s doorstep in Australia and charged them freight fees around $2m for duping Formula 1 and never firing an engine, one has to admire their resolve in keeping a calm smile and diligence in order to row over to Malaysia and get a car in the race. Team boss Johnn Booth is happy with the decision…obviously:

“We knew our first weekend of running would not be without its challenges and although we had a positive day yesterday, it has been important to keep our expectations for qualifying in check. Our two drivers have done a solid job in their debut and Friday’s practice showed promise in terms of having the pace for the 107% time, but today underlined that we have a lot of work to do.”

So come Sunday, Mehri (Roberto) and Pippin (Will Stevens) will be on the grid and ready to start the Malaysian Grand Prix which looked a lot like the Mordor Grand Prix on Saturday with black clouds and that damned flaming eye of Charlie Whiting watching every move.

Hat Tip: Adam Cooper

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Ian Finlay

Hey. Your ‘nerd’ is showing. Might wanna tuck that in.

Negative Camber

Don’t get me started on the Replicant 6 or Huey, Louie and Dewey. ;) Wait…you got my references so welcome aboard…nerd. ;)

Guest Still long way to go for the bot, I guess. XD

Fred Talmadge

The use of the phrase competive is rather arbitrary here. Sorry Manor fans I’m still bitter over the loss of Caterham.

Negative Camber

You’re in good company, I believe Paul is still bitter too. :)

Ian Finlay

Here, here. Part of the sad story line of this season really. It has been brought to my attention that I will be watching the race this weekend for all the wrong reasons… it’s like Top Gear now that way.
Will Manor make it? Are Alonso/Bottas still hurting? Will the Renault lump ‘splode? Will anyone come close to touching Merc? Who’s throwing a tantrum now? Will Kimi be Kimi? And on and on. It’s coming over all MTV teen angst reality show.