Memo to Maranello: You can’t deny away engine problems

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Can we all agree on this much?

If weeks go by and you’re still dismissing fears about your engine’s reliability, you’ve got an engine reliability problem.

Today, starting the slow lead-in to the Spanish Grand Prix, the official Formula 1 site has a few comments up from the man all the fans will be coming out to see in nine days: Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

And what’s still at issue? The team’s engines, which I think we officially can acknowledge came from over at the Fiat part of the company. Because, as the F1 story says, both Alonso and team mate Felipe Massa have used three of their eight allowed engines. At the rate things are going, the Ferrari team orders aren’t going to be telling Felipe to move aside when Fernando comes along. They’ll be telling Felipe to get out and help the engineers push Fernando’s car toward the finish line.

But Fernando? He’s not worried. Of course not:

“The problems with the engines? I’m not worried at all,” he said. “I know that the team is working hard to fix them and I’m convinced that I’ll have a reliable and strong engine available, just as I know that they are giving it their all in Maranello to introduce several new solutions for the F10 for the Spanish Grand Prix.”

Hey, at least there’s nothing in here about Fernando denying he and Felipe have any relationship problems.

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