Merc: 2-year Rosberg deal ‘pretty much agreed’


If you were thinking Nico Rosberg may jump ship to another team, then today’s story from Motorsport will give you reason for pause.

It seems that Bild (German paper) was the source for the article in which Austrian F1 legend and Mercedes team boss, Niki Lauda, says they, effectively, have a new two-year deal for the current points leader:

“We have pretty much agreed on a new two-year contract but still have to work on the details,”

It’s understandable that Nico would want to remain at a team that is clearly dominating the series right now because what better way to have a shot at a title than that? It’s also interesting that another team couldn’t lure him away making one wonder if the price tag was too high or exactly what his stock value actually is in F1 at the moment.

This means, as the article rightfully points out, that the talk now is about Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen. If Nico isn’t up for a move to the Scuderia, then will the Italians keep the Finn or find another driver?

On a side note, what assurances does Nico have that Mercedes isn’t going to continue to scold him when he has altercations with Lewis while not reciprocating when the situation is reversed? How confident is Nico that the team are fully behind him?

From the outside looking in, and to be fair to Merc, Lewis is the man and he’s delivered multiple titles so you have to keep that in mind too. Recently, Lewis said his relationship with Nico was really good at the moment so we’ll see.

Hat Tip: Motorsport

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Junipero Mariano

On a tangent, I’ve always wondered if Niki’s title “Non-Executive Chairman” is one of those lost in translation bits of business speak. It makes him seem rather powerless, when he isn’t. Isn’t Senior Team Advisor more apt? He’s the seasoned board member who may say crazy s*** from time to time which you could ignore, but usually at your peril.


I’ll bet if anyone bothered to ask he’d tell us exactly what role he plays in the Mercedes F1 empire


I wonder if Nico really wants that title and realises that Merc is the only place he has a chance to do it. The talk was that he was fighting for more time than they wanted to give him, and this kinda shows that. I think they wanted 1 year while he wanted 3.


Its being reported that Gerhard Burger has been helping with the contract negotiations. Burger is really well connected throughout the paddock, so no doubt a range of options have been looked at including Ferrari and McLaren.
If Rosberg does stay at Mercedes, I expect he’ll continue to keep Hamilton on his toes, maybe even take more wins for Merc, and perhaps a title or two for himself.
It does make the opportunites for the reshuffling of the rest James Allison’s 20%’s a bit less interesting


I have a feeling it’s this year or never for Nico.