Merc benefits from Kubica sim work


No one is more excited to see Robert Kubica back in a simulator at Mercedes than I am. The Polish driver nearly died in a rally crash and his recovery has been slow and frustrating for sure. When it was revealed that Kubica was doing some sim testing for Mercedes, many Formula One fans wondered if the German car maker wasn’t taking a chance on the recovery Pol to see if there may be some spark and capacity left in him. For now, team boss Toto Wolff says they are merely helping him out but they are really benefiting from his sim work.

“Robert is concentrating on rallying, that is his main task,” Wolff underlined.

“But everybody knows he is very talented and experienced.

“What we are trying to do with him is give him time in the simulator and you both gain by having him in the simulator.

“He is getting used to driving the F1 car again and we are benefiting from his expertise. It helps the team and it helps him.”

Let’s be honest, the two drivers the team currently employs have plenty of experience to help the team sort issues out using the simulator. They don’t need a Polish driver who hasn’t raced in F1 in the current spec or tire configurations to tell them their car needs this or that. Lewis Hamilton is fully capable to handle that role. The bottom line for me is that if I were Nico Rosberg, I would be a  little concerned should Robert show signs of being fully capable of driving an F1 car again… just saying.

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