Merc has to inspect 1,200 parts after Spanish turn 3 crash

When both of your cars take each other out in a Spanish Grand Prix, you have a lot of work to do determining which, if any, parts on both cars might be damaged prior to heading for Monaco in a week’s time. That’s the job Mercedes COO Rob Thomas had before him this week and that’s on top of testing in Spain.

“Fortunately these sorts of incidents are very, very rare for us, but when they do happen we have quite a good process in place to deal with it,” said Thomas.

“When the cars were back at the garage in the circuit a lot of analysis was going on, a lot of phone calls, and what we got from the circuit was a quarantine list.

“Our first priority is to make sure the car is going to be safe. This quarantine list lists all the parts that, if you like, are suspect.

“On the list this time there were over 1,000 parts – 1,200 parts – that came back to us, either damaged, quarantined or needing some sort of work.

“A lot of the assemblies, for wings for example, will go to the testing department and they will be tested as a full assembly to see if they still have structural integrity.

“Lots of other parts then go into non-destructive testing, so they will be checked to see if there are any cracks within the components, or they will go to inspection where we will dimensionally check it.”

That’s 1,200 parts but who’s keeping score right? Nothing like adding a little weight to the storyline of the Spanish turn 3 crash saga. Look what you made us do!

You have to feel for them though, it’s a compressed week with testing and now the team have to turn right around and head for Monaco as the Friday Free Practice session actually happen a day early on Thursday and the team have to sort out which parts can be used with confidence after both cars were damaged.

Maybe they should institute a per part penalty fee for the two if they have any future altercations…say, $100k per part inspected? That would buy a few beers and sandwiches for the team wouldn’t it?


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Peter Riva

Hang on… every car at Monaco is different from the normal set up… all the front end is replaced anyway… what are they griping about? Or is this a ploy to start explaining why one driver will get favored over another?


That’s right for Monaco….. but these may be parts that will be used later in the season


Someone got a lot of overtime……. Who’e at the factory it will be Colin the Mechanic … Bet you… m On other over time fronts, Lewis how’s that latest track going at the recording studio?…. Nico were you up for the 2 am nappy change? Nope can’t see it I bet the studio technician and Nanny are real busy……..


A BBQ lunch on the lads… I bet you the technicians are still waiting. On the other hand I am sure that Toto will be looking after them…. Btw did anyone here the Motorsport magazine podcast with Frank Dernie where he pointed out that Nelson Piquet paid his mechanics a Christmas bonus whereas Nigel Mansell didn’t… So Nelson gave all of Nigel’s mechanics a bonus… That’s how you get a team behind you… Nico take note


I imagine that’s going to be an easy task.

#0377 broken
#0378 broken
#0379 broken
#0380 … well guess what?


Broken maybe……


I think I see your problem Toto, the nuts behind the steering wheel are loose ;-)