Merc to buy Brawn GP; What About McLaren?

An interesting twist to the Mercedes-to-buy-Brawn stories of the last couple weeks. Autosport’s Mr. Noble ran a story in which the Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche has announced that the relationship with McLaren will not end but it may certainly be different. This is a large announcement in my mind as the two organizations have been inexorably linked for many years now.
Apparently the reason Mercedes started looking at other options in F1 is due to a kerfuffle over the direction of McLaren’s own super car. It seems Mercedes was nonplussed by the idea and Zetsche told Autosport:

“For a long period we had a lack of alignment on road cars, but we have now found a clear solution and we won’t participate,”

So one can we start to piece together the threads can’t we? Ron Dennis hires Frank Stephenson, world renowned car designer, to work with McLaren on their road cars. Dennis then removes himself from the F1 program ( Max Mosley made that move easier) and focuses holistically on the road car program. Then Mercedes and McLaren’s road car division have a row over the direction they are heading in.

You can already see Ron’s handy work at play here as the two companies, having been linked for years, are now at logger heads over the situation. So much so that Mercedes is willing to buy Brawn GP and reclassify their working relationship with McLaren. It didn’t take Dennis too long to ruffle feathers over in the road car division but I have to admit that I am surprised because this is having an adverse effect on the F1 division. It is something I can’t imagine Ron Dennis allowing if he were still at the helm of the F1 program.

As it is, I have not placed too much stock in the Merc to buy Brawn GP stores because it made little sense to me but now that this information is out; I am gaining a lot better perception of the idea and it starts to make sense if Merc is willing to detangle their embedded relationship with McLaren. Having their own team with Ross Brawn running it is quite a departure folks. That’s major move on their part.

I have to surmise that McLAren are nonplussed about the idea and perhaps we shall see a McLaren-Cosworth team or a McLaren-Renault, McLaren-BMW, McLaren-Audi or even a McLAren-Ford. Honestly, I am holding out for a McLAren-Ferrari team. Okay, that’s a stretch.

Stay tuned for more information but this is a major overhaul of the system and big news on many levels.

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