Merc wasn’t about to try ‘risky’ one-stopper

After the dust settled on the Belgian Grand Prix, the narrative seems to be that originally folks were perplexed by Pirelli’s rebuttal to Sebastian Vettel’s blown tire to one in which they feel it was “risky”.

Having been told that the tires would last 40 laps, Ferrari chose to work a one-stopper in the hopes of getting the final podium step. That strategy deflated as Vettel’s tire blew on the penultimate lap of the race.

Now we’ve spoken before at how Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has become the new Jackie Stewart or Niki Lauda as the proverbial rent-a-quote in F1 these days. He’s weighed in on just about every facet of his own team as well as many facets of other teams, the running of F1, the circuit designs, the sponsorship opportunities, the regulations and the FIA. He’s got an opinion on everything related closely or remotely to F1.

Well it’s time for more of Toto’s sage wisdom as motorsport’s psychiatrist. It’s time for #totoscouch

“We discussed it at length, the attempt of a one-stop like Ferrari,” said Wolff.

“It took us a bit by surprise and I guess it took everyone else by surprise that they tried it.

“I understand why Ferrari did it because it was probably the only chance to end up on the podium.

“They attempted it but it was a risky strategy.”

There you go. Yeah, we looked at it and it was risky…too risky. No wonder Vettel’s tire blew, what chumps. It’s understandable because they suck and they were desperate.

Toto playing the head games very well these days and that’s all part of F1. Get in your competition’s head if possible. We see it among teammates, competitors and teams.

Toto, given time, will probably weigh in on Maldonado’s DNF, Nasr’s brake issue, Kimi contract extension and the color scheme for your upcoming wedding. He’s a sage and has a lot of time to dig deep into issues that impact us all.


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Easy for him to say when he has two cars that will easily take the win (assuming their drivers don’t run into too many people).

As you point out, he has a lot of time to pontificate since they constructor’s championship is all but locked up, and the only thing they have to manage is how to make sure Nico is #2, without blatantly acting like he’s #2.


Rumors have it that there was an agreement signed after last year’s Spa to curtail any future incidents. The gist is that he who qualifies first is given the #1 driver treatment that race.

Who knows how true this is but I find it odd how Nico is always 2 seconds behind Lewis and yet he never pushed as hard as another driver from a different team would.

Either way I love my rumors and speculations!

P.S. I heard that Paul guy doesn’t even like IPA’s!

Junipero Mariano

It seems like it’s Toto Wolff and not Paddy Lowe who basks more in the spotlight that Ross Brawn set up.

Eau Ruse

Personally, I think Ferrari banked on rain, then, when it did not happen they simply stated they were going for a one-stopper rather than admit they got it wrong. That is also, perhaps, why they are not raising a bigger stink.