Mercedes and their unwanted guests

A bit of an odd story on a couple of fronts from a couple of days ago at the Mercedes HQ in Brackley. Apparently, a small group of travelers set up camp in the Mercedes car park (parking lot for those Americans in the crowd) and the local police were forced to serve an eviction notice to them and force them to leave the premises.

‘Northamptonshire Police were contacted about a report of a travelling camp at a factory site in Brackley at 8.15pm on Sunday,’ a spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police said.

‘The landowner used their powers under common law to serve notice for an eviction and the travellers left the site.’

If you follow the link, the article goes out of its way to pin Lewis Hamilton to this eviction which I find odd. It has nothing to do with Lewis. Terms like “Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes Formula One team” and “home of Hamilton’s team” are a bit strange. Lewis doesn’t own the team, he works for it. It would be more accurate to say that the travelers showed up in the parking lot of Lewis Hamitlon’s employer would it not? Why pin Lewis’s name to a slightly unfortunate and unsavory incident?

A bit of an odd situation but it got me to wondering, just who would make the call at Mercedes HQ to have an eviction notice served and the travelers removed? The facility manager? Someone from home office in Germany? Legal executive? Maybe it was Toto Wolff himself? Regardless, I seriously doubt it was Lewis and I am guessing here but I’d be surprised if he was even aware of it.

What Lewis was aware of is the new Hall of Fame the FIA started and his lack of attendance there. Like the London event earlier this year, Lewis chose not to attend as he had a fashion show to go to. Nevertheless, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher’s personal manager, Sabine Kehm, were all in attendance.

Maybe the travelers were actually these nine other drivers just camping out on their way down to the awards. Sir Jackie manning the BBQ, Nigel with the LCD TV and Playstation, Damon with the beer, Alonso with the social media capturing all the precious moments. You get the picture. Shame on you Toto—throwing out all those world champions!

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Richard Piers

Hohoho. You have the UK procedure correct in your text but not your headline. The Police will only act on private property if an order is obtained from an appropriate legal authority, not always easily obtained. Could have been anyone in authority at MB who might have started the procedure, definitely not LH


Maybe some UK posters can enlighten the FBC followers about ‘Travellers’.
I have some recent UK migrant mates, who’s normally liberal outlook doesn’t extend to ‘Travellers’. Probably a good call from Lewis to get them moved on.
As to why LH isn’t supporting the FIA hall of fame? Probably loads of good reasons. It looks like they had a spectacular array of F1 heros there anyway, would have been an awesome event for most F1 fans. Is there more information about it?
Who was inducted?

Salvu Borg

The FIA have awarded the hall of fame accolade to every driver’s F1 world championship since the first championship in 1950 which was won by Giusappe Farina.
A notable absentee (a disrespect to the sports/FIA) function was number 44 who missed the Peris ceremony to instead attend a fashion awards elsewhere.

Negative Camber

To be fair, there were several others who didn’t attend. Piquet etc.


Amen The double standard applied by so called F1 fans to Hamilton’s actions is breathtaking. Wow, LOL !!!


Where were Niki Lauda, Mika Hakkinen, Emerson Fittapaldi, Nelson Piquet, Keke Rosberg, Alan Jones, and Kimi Raikkonen all former F1 WDC’S who were not in attendance, but only in the case of Lewis not being their, seem to bother you……I wonder why?


You don’t agree that the current world champion not attending is ‘notable’?


Notable no, and not at all surprised that Lewis would be singled out by some in a negative way, because of his lack of attendance. Is to be expected.


No, the current WDC is NOT obligated to attend every stupid functionhosted by the FIA.


Everytime a coconut ;-)


Whatever. Where was the disapproval for the disrespect to FIA shown by non-attendess such Button. ( 2009 WDC) or Piquet, Hakkinen, Fittipaldi, Rosberg Snr, Alan Jones and Kimi Raikonnen?

Crickets….Thought so. It is non-issue brought up idiots looking to lay blame at the feet of Hamilton for something stupid.

Negative Camber

Yeah, I don’t live there so no idea what that term is. The article makes it sound like a “traveling” circus set up camp there to entertain all the kids with toys and fun. ;)


In this context, a Traveller is: “A person who holds New Age values and leads an itinerant and unconventional lifestyle.”
With no fixed abode, they look for convenient patches of land to park their vehicles and stay until they are moved on. Very few landowners welcome their arrival.

Negative Camber

Well, that’s all very new age of them but that doesn’t mean encroaching on private property is acceptable by the property owner. Their lives may have few boundaries but I assume other property owners don’t see if quite the same way. Especially Mercedes in Brackley and THAT LEWIS HAMILTON!


As I understand it, “travellers” are what used to be called Gypsies. Which is now so teddibly, teddibly, NON-PC.

Salvu Borg

Samouri and NC, There is no doubt that FIA had invited all present F1 world drivers champions that are still with us, There is also no doubt that those that are still with us and didn’t attend all had a reason why they didn’t attend. The present four times 2017 world champion reason why he didn’t attend was the 2017 UK fashion awards at the Royal Albert hall London which fell on the same day as the FIA Paris ceremony. He as is his right preferred to start his holidays with the London fashion awards where he attended after he… Read more »


Does one need a reason not to attend a self-congratulatory back-slapping event? It’s the sort of thing I’d run a mile to avoid. Admittedly, you’d never get me to a fashion event either, but that’s not the point.

Salvu Borg

p1ngu, You sounds like you don’t like the splendid tartan outfits chains and studs, quarter dressed 62 year olds dolls.

Schumi Toronto

I’m sure none of those in attendance at the FIA gala wanted to see a “knob in tartan” anyway!