Mercedes: Hardy har har…Nico threw the race…right.

We can stop with the goofy Mercedes conspiracy theory that has Nico Rosberg purposefully losing the Italian Grand Prix as further punishment for his Spa incident. There were a few folks who were convinced that the German handed the race to Hamilton as restitution for his actions at Spa but the team and Rosberg say…hardy har har:

“I’ve heard about that [the conspiracy theory], but what would be the reason for me to do something like that deliberately?” he said. “There is no possible reason.” said Rosberg.

“If you’re ordered by the team to do it then you would do it, but there is no reason why the team would ask me to change position, or something like that.”

As for the team? Well, team boss Toto Wolff adds some bravado to the denial:

“Only a paranoid mind could come up with such an idea,” explained Wolff about the conspiracy theories.

“If it had been our idea, it would have been bloody well done!

“There was lots of pressure on Nico because Lewis was so quick yesterday and you could see that today as well.”

So if we had orchestrated it, it wouldn’t have been so ham-fisted like Nico drove. Ouch. With friends like that, who needs enemas?

Let’s be honest here, Lewis pressured Nico when he was on the prime tire because he’d shown that he was approximately 3-4 tenths quicker with that compound during the weekend and the race was no different. Nico knew it as well and even asked the team to stop giving him time deltas to Lewis.

In the end, he knew he had to push or Lewis would be on his tailpipe and wouldn’t that just be grand? It’s an error and while I think it was Nico’s unforced error that lost the race, I also think NBC Sports may be overplaying just how “mentally defeated” Rosberg is due to the juggernaut that is Lewis Hamilton. Please.

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