Mercedes knows they’re slow but that’s by design…logically

Mercedes has been off song lately and the delta between them and Lotus F1 in the constructor’s championship points is, as this point, out of reach. The team haven’t scored a point since Singapore and as it turns out, they’ve been tinkering around with their windtunnel in order to get the new program headed in the right direction for 2013 and beyond.

Mercedes motor sport boss Norbert Haug was asked by AUTOSPORT about the issues and he replied:

“We certainly do not get the full benefit of this Coanda technique currently,” he told AUTOSPORT.

“You cannot get that after two or three races. You have quite a high price to pay in terms of fuel load and horsepower and so on, and I think you have to compensate, and I think that is not quite happening.

“But there is no other way to find a solution than to explore it.

“We have had, and this is not an excuse, a period of one-and-a-half to two months where we changed from 50 to 60 per cent [windtunnel] models.”

Most teams are looking at the Coanda technique and many have deployed it to differing measures of success. With the restrictions on exhaust outlet placements for 2012, the teams have had to get creative about how the can harness the heated exhaust and direct the flow under the car for their diffusers to take full aerodynamic benefit from them. The Coanda principle is the latest concept on how to do just that.

Interesting to note that the amount of model changes from their windtunnel program is hovering at 50 to 60 percent. That’s a rather large swing and it’s hard to pin driver Michael Schumacher’s lack of comeback performance on his aged skills. One can see a younger driver like Nico Rosberg struggling as well. The big question is, will the team get it sorted for LEwis Hamilton’s arrival in 2013? If they are building for the future, they’ve got the driver to do so but they’ll have to get a car to match the young champions pace.

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