Mercedes more ‘on it’ than McLaren

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Who’s hungrier? Mercedes or McLaren? Well, according to Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes is the hungriest group of folks he’s ever seen so that must mean that McLaren are an 8 on the hungry scale while Mercedes goes to 11. Hamilton told the press:

“There is a great spirit here. The guys seem hungrier than any group of people I’ve seen before. They seem seriously hungry to win and excited they have another shot at it this year,” Hamilton said.

“Every year there was always a great atmosphere at McLaren. But it’s a different environment to come to and a different feeling because it’s new and fresh. The guys seem to be just as on it if not more.”

I’m sure Mercedes are hungry but I can’t recall a time when McLaren weren’t…even when they were shooting themselves in the foot. In deference to Lewis, Mercedes has a new boss in Toto Wolff and he’s most likely ready to shake thing sup a bit…in fact, he already has by his own presence and the rumors of a run at McLaren’s Paddy Lowe. Mercedes’s own Niki Lauda was even asking around about Adrian Newey’s contract expiration and they have a a multi-tiered management team as complex as an Amway convention.

While Lewis does say Mercedes seem more “on it” than McLaren, he does give examples:

“You have got to remember that I had a couple of half dodgy cars, 2009 in particular, but it did get better. So perseverance is going to be key for all of us,”

Now to be fair, he was referring to the 2009 car in light of a question of whether or not he could be patient but I like to think he’s explaining McLaren’s soft under-belly and it’s always fun when a driver compliments his new team at the expense of his old team.



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