Mercedes not quite as eager to re-sign Rosberg

With at least three public warnings that I can count over their behavior, the two Mercedes drivers have been told that team spirit and harmony is essential. In one such case, team boss Toto Wolff even suggested dumping one of the drivers if they continue to be divisive. Many F1 fans opined on which one should go but perhaps Wolff’s recent comments about Nico Rosberg’s contract extension is the first sign.

Coming in to the final year of a three-year deal, Rosberg’s contract will expire at the end of 2016. You’ll recall the contract negotiations last an incredibly long time last year and it took the team from the fall into May of 2015 to get a deal done with Lewis Hamilton. They don’t seem quite as determined now, do they? Wolff told AUTOSPORT:

“The line-up is a great line-up.

“Both of them are a major part of the team and responsible for getting the team to where we are today.

“But it’s early days to discuss that [Rosberg’s contract]. I want to see how the season pans out.

“There are areas we want to develop altogether as a team, and let’s see how that goes.”

If you’re Nico, do you see writing on the wall here? Do you go after the title knowing this may be your last chance? In doing so, do you battle it out with Lewis and let the carbon fiber fly regardless of what the team would like from both drivers which is some sort of harmony?

F1 is a selfish game and Hamilton has three titles not by being amenable and collegial with his teammates. Rumors also have the team looking at Max Verstappen as well so it seems it is time to shoot the moon for Nico.


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I think the only way Nico gets a new contract is by winning the WDC. Otherwise he is out and plucky teen is in.

I have enjoyed the Nico/Lewis rivalry, but Lewis/Max is something I really want to see.

Patrick Chapman

Max is not available until 2018 and Marko has said that he doesn’t intend to let him go early. So I see Nico staying for 2017 /18 Also Mercedes have a couple of young drivers of their own waiting in the wings so I honestly don’t see Max getting a look in there anytime soon.

Junipero Mariano

There’s nothing to lose by going for it. In previous years, he’s toed the company line at his expense. If he wins the championship, at that point, he’d have shown he can drive hard against Lewis and win, and proved his value as a team player and champion. Even if they don’t renew him, then he’d be able to go to other big teams that should be closing in on Mercedes.

Patrick Chapman

Toto is really playing this team harmony rubbish for all it is worth when in reality I don’t think that him and Lauda could care less how Nico and Lewis treat each other. So no, I don’t see the writing on the wall for Nico here as I think that his position with the team is secure for the immediate future. I believe that Toto’s real agenda here has been carefully hidden from the journalists as he doesn’t want to castigate Lewis publically but he does want to get a message across to show them that he can be the… Read more »

Jamie Huntoon

Nico this maybe your last chance to drive a winning car..go for it flat out or some day you will look back and regret not.

Paul KieferJr

If Merc drops Rosberg, then it would prove that Toto was either naïve or he didn’t quite tell the truth. He kept on saying that harmony was important, and Rosberg would have provided that harmony. Hamilton is in it only for himself (which has worked for him so far). So, which is it, Toto? Harmony or championships? Are you a man of your word?

Bryan Beecroft

I don’t agree with the Headline. Hear me out. After clinching the title, Lewis ran off the rails. He was a ghost of himself. His negotiation of a “risk friendly” contract should, to any sentient manager, Say “Let’s see his off-season and early form, and decide whether to make him number one or throw a Mega-Contract to Nico to put Lewis on his back foot.” I think Nico has better stock with the team than, at least recently, sore loser Hamilton.

Richard Piers

You’re on your swing axle again and trying to make a story out of nothing. We are still in 2015 and his contract runs to end 2016, so absolutely no surprise that little should be appearing in public. Back to your winter quarters.

Paul KieferJr

Out of nothing? Let’s see: Who would you want to run on your team? Volatile gangsta Hamilton, or toe-the-line-win-it-for-the-team Nico?

Jim Smith

gangsta cause he is black

Paul KieferJr

Out-of-bounds, dude. Anyone can be gangsta. Let’s not play that race card, shall we?


Hamilton or vettel will be the next wdc,no nico


Sounds like typical contract negotiation to me.. Of course Merc plays down eagerness to re-sign Nico. It should continue to motivate Nico and perhaps make him more amenable to a flat-to-down compensation package.

When negotiating a contract you always let the other party think you have no problem walking away from the table…