Mercedes offers White Collection?

Mercedes White Collection
With all the racism issues surrounding Spain,Lewis Hamilton, Bernie Ecclestone and others, Mercedes has chosen to release their new “White collection”.How long until someone calls for Mercedes to resign?

Now understandably Mercedes means their winter collection but I find it interesting that such a campaign would miss the Marketing folks and label it is a “white” or any other color for that matter given the recent hotbed issues of Lewis Hamilton being black and racism run amok depending on who you ask. These types of product-linking issues seem far fetched but as a Marketing/sales person I have a tendency to see them; you pay a Marketing group to avoid these things and be sensitive to all the remotely possible situations that could impact your campaign or be associated with it negatively or positively. They missed this one.

Anyway, if you are a Mercedes fan and happy about Lewis winning the title and you want some gear to show it, head over to MErcedes and get your “white” gear. ;)

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