Mercedes, Renault fined $50K for pit lane debacle


Mercedes and Renault have been fined by the Steward during the Hungarian Grand Prix today after what could only be called a debacle in the pit lane during the safety car period. The mad dash for the pitlane occurred when the safety car was deployed for debris on the track and teams were stacking their drivers adding to the chaos.

In the ensuing action, the right rear tire of Nico Rosberg flew off of his car and bounced wildly through the pit lane hitting Williams F1 mechanic Nigel hope. Mercedes GP are investigating the cause of the errant tire with team boss Ross Brawn saying:

We had a problem with the right rear wheel during Nico’s stop and his car was sent without the wheel nut being properly fitted. We will have a thorough investigation into the incident and report our conclusions to the FIA. We are thankful that no serious harm was caused by the stray wheel and send our best wishes to the Williams mechanic who was unfortunately injured.

In a separate incident at the same pit stop, Renault driver Robert Kubica was released into oncoming traffic of Force India’s Adrian Sutil. The two collided and the incident effectively ended both their races. Review of the incident clearly showed the lollipop being lifted and Kubica exiting the pits box right in to Sutil’s Force India.

Both Mercedes GP and Renault were fined $50,000 for their incidents in today’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Probably a worthy fine but thankfully Mr. Hope was not seriously injured in the flying wheel incident.

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