Mercedes rethink team orders

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That shining example of sportsmanship and proper team orders back in Hungary was an event that I questioned at length. I found it interesting that the world seemed to praise Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton for calling team orders and criticized Ferrari for not calling team orders.

I argued back then that Hamilton reversing order and giving the position back to his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, was move I wouldn’t have called as team boss. Every point counts and they are not simply battling for the title within the team, they are fighting Ferrari and that adds a different dynamic to the previous years when the title was between Rosberg and Hamilton.

Many folks felt I was being unrealistic and harsh in my comments but a few weeks later and now Mercedes is agreeing with me. Team boss Toto Wolff said:

“It’s something we have given a lot of thought to over the last couple of weeks,” said Wolff.

“And the answer is we would like to keep our options open, because you cannot plan for all scenarios, it always comes differently than you expect.

“Ferrari is in the beneficial situation that Vettel is very much in front points-wise, and it’s clear that Kimi is going to back him.

“It hasn’t been part of our philosophy in the past couple of years, but we will be looking at each and every situation during the race, and what it means for the drivers’ championship, and the constructors’ championship.”

In an interview with Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz, Toto Wolff said that they would have to look at the issue and re-think their position on team orders. I understand that point and they need to get a game plan for the remainder of the championship. Swapping places and giving Hamilton three less points is not a title-winning strategy and that’s what I argued when the rest of the world was praising the act. I understand why they did it, but it may cost them a title.

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Spot on!!!


You’d think the teams would demand that F1 put more emphasis on the Constructors Championship.
They’ve become publicity machines for star drivers, who take their drivers championships and reputuations with them when they switch team.


What are you talking about NC? The F1 teams are paid by their ranking in the Constructors Championship, not Drivers C. The result of re-swapping Lewis Hamilton behind Valteri Bottas had zero impact to the Constructors points aggregation by Merc. Drivers Championship is not a team sport responsibility or remit. The Teams do however have a certain responsibility to Fans and sporting fairness to employees to uphold Moral obligations of sporting behaviours. The WDC should be won on level merit between teammates.. not distorted by team machinations, contractual favouring or plain marque favouritism within a team. A WDC won in… Read more »