Mercedes slow to react to Vettel’s strategy

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These videos that Mercedes create are terrific and good on them for folding fans into the strategy and race review of the team. They don’t have to do these and they don’t have to reveal as much as they do so I applaud them for the efforts, they are great fun to watch and learn from.


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This is the annoying thing about Mercedes I can’t stand. Bottas should have been issued to go on attack mode immediately. Remember Spain last year when Bottas backed Vettel into Hamilton? Well, Hamilton did the same for Bottas in Bahrain. The gap between Bottas and Vettel was about 4.8 seconds at that point when Vettel passed Hamilton to retake the lead. Bottas should have been instructed to go maximum attack after Vettel right then. But Toto is still protecting him and does not want Bottas to feel like he is a sacrificial lamb. That’s the big handicap Hamilton has to… Read more »

sunny stivala

“They (Mercedes) ran both drivers on the same “lame” strategy”.
Mercedes Lauda declared that they will enter the race on a split strategy, #44 on a one stopper and #77 on a two stopper.
Their (Mercedes) decision during the race to change #77 to a one stopper was universally acknowledged/regarded as a “checkmate move”, a player’s move to attack directly that leaves no possible move to escape the check, a checkmate that only resulted in making the attacked escape and his win that much bigger.


Mercedes did make the checkmate move. But they lost that race rather than Ferrari winning it. They did not go for the win, they just sat there waiting for Vettel to hand them the victory.

sunny stivala

In my opinion all at Mercedes did all they could to win the race.Although it’s a right of yours believing and declaring on this forum that somebody at Mercedes didn’t done all he could to win the race is in my opinion very poor judgement of a formula one team, a judgement tainted by hurt fanboyism. A second driver/car at the finish is of course the one that lost the race, losing by a car’s length or by a lap it is a loss, so goes for the winner, winning by a car’s length or by a lap it’s still… Read more »


How is it fanboyism when the team puts their hand up after both races to say they dropped the ball?

sunny stivala

You must have been following and listening to that SKY leading brit boy fan-boy to form an opinion. he is now all out in the open in trying to destroy Bottas.

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