Mercedes team robbed at gun-point in Brazil

I recall several years ago when Formula 1 was in Brazil for the grand prix, Williams F1’s garage was broken in to and all their laptops were stolen. That wasn’t good.

Then there was the altercation with Jenson Button that Formula 1 management’s, Bernie Ecclestone, played down as someone trying to get an autograph. Last year, Ecclestone’s mother-in-law was kidnapped and held for ransom.

This year, the Mercedes team had one of their busses stopped, shots fired and a gun held to a mechanics head. Lewis Hamilton Tweeted:

“Some of my team were held up at gun point last night leaving the circuit here in Brazil. Gun shots fired, gun held at one’s head.

“This is so upsetting to hear. Please say a prayer for my guys who are here as professionals today even if shaken.”

He added: “This happens every single year here. F1 and the teams need to do more, there’s no excuse!”

I tend to agree with him, there is no excuse. Perhaps the lingering questions over the future of the Brazilian Grand Prix and their ability to renew their contract may have this incident to pour water on the amount of effort F1 expends in getting it renewed?

It’s easy to play this down as street thugs but what if someone was shot? There is a find line between this being a robbery and a tragedy. Something I think F1 needs to avoid in the future.

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Salvu Borg

“Some of my team were held-up at gunpoint, this is upsetting please say a prayer” yes I for one thanked God that nobody got hurt. now he should thank GOD he wasn’t with them as they were most probably after his one Kilo bling not after his mates.


This happens every year here? Yet the gun laws are very strict. I’d never heard this, all we ever hear are the complaints about guns in America. Then Louis thinking about taking a knee at COTA during our anthem because human rights violations, when nothing is said about places like UAE and Bahrain. What a bunch of messed up PC policies.