Mercedes to let Lewis and Nico race in 2016

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that the team have relaxed their position on intra-team orders regarding their drivers for the 2016 season. The battle between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg has had its moments in the past as the team were very integrated in the lap-by-lap management of both drivers. Toto said:

“We are reducing the rules because we have got more comfortable in working with each other.

“There is great respect among the individuals. I don’t feel it will be different than it has been in the last years.

“The regulations help us because there is much less engineering input into the car and into the driver.

“There much is less guidance in terms of strategy, tyre optimisation and how to drive the car so it is much more down to them to drive the car anyway.

“That’s very good for the sport. It puts more pressure and brings in additional new effort for the drivers.

“By continuing with those regulations, our role has been to step back a little bit. It pretty much fits our strategy in leaving it up to these two to fight it on track.”

That all sounds good from a competitive standpoint but we will see how relaxed the team are if another incident like Spa Francorchamps happens with Nico and Lewis coming together and ending one of the driver’s race.

Letting the two drivers race against each other is a concept the team have always tried to uphold but there have been times when on-track clashes were met with public scolding and mot notably for Nico Rosberg.

With an expiring contract, it will be interesting to see how Rosberg handles this season. Will he be a team player in hopes of re-signing or will he go great guns to win the title regardless of what happens on track between he and his teammate? That’s how Lewis approaches each season but Nico has a contract to think about as well.


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I would like to see the drivers given the opportunity to choose the engine modes that may risk reliability later in the season, or running short of fuel later in the race. We could then get some late race changes of position as the driver realises they are running short of fuel or engine power. Recently all drivers have become used to the team thinking so much for them. While Lewis in particular has expressed his dissatisfaction in not being able to race the way he wants to, it will be interesting to see who makes the best decisions. It… Read more »


This is why I’d like to see the max fuel flow rate increased. Let drivers use it for short bursts to overtake or put in some “hammer” laps, knowing they’ll pay for it toward the end of the race.


I have similar thoughts towards the tire rules. If a driver is good and saving his tires, let him run the race on one set or at least the same compound. Rules that make drivers use two different compounds is too controlling to me.


I’d like to see the teams plan the most successful race the car can produce, and the driver executing that plan. I take the view that it’s a team sport, let the engineers and strategists do their jobs :-)

Paul KieferJr

Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. O_O!


So Mercedes are so confident that it will be a two way fight for the drivers championship that they are taking it on themselves to ‘spice up the show’…….


I thought I heard them say the same thing last year…