Merc’s Wolff says F1 costs ‘unsustainable’

We’ve been discussing the Formula 1 cost caps and expense of late and that’s simply because some teams have been commenting publicly about the issue of late. Today’s article by Mr. Noble at AUTOSPORT has an interesting commentary from Mercedes boss toto Wolff. Refreshingly he doesn’t drop the F-bomb in the story but he does share his thoughts on the current state of F1 expenditures:

“We are still spending less than some of the other top teams out there,” Wolff said.

“Efficiency is what is being asked from our mother company, but the gaps, if you take the highest spending team compared to the midfield teams like Force India, Williams and Sauber, are still huge.

“Probably the highest spending teams spend three or four times the money of those other teams. Is that sustainable and healthy? No.”

It’s an interesting comment given Mercedes AMG Petronas’s massive investment into the sport and yet Wolff says they are not close to the top-team spending levels…presumably meaning Red Bull Racing.

One common issue is today’s notion that the current level of spending is unsustainable and the disparity between top teams and mid-field teams is too large. That may or may not be the case but the sport has always had this disparity. Perhaps the gap hasn’t been as large as it is currently hence the increased amount of commentary we’re seeing from Ferrari, Lotus F1, Mercedes, Williams F1 and Caterham of late.

without an agreement that stops short of managing a teams balance sheet, is there any way, on a gentleman’s handshake, to get Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes to spend less on their F1 investment? Caterham’s Cyril Abiteboul says that’s unlikely given the pressure for success.


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