Mexican GP a go; no track damage due to earthquake

With the Mexican Grand Prix coming up shortly, all attention has been placed on the tragic loss of life in the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Mexico City. With over 226 people confirmed killed in the terrible quake, the thought of a race is certainly on the tops of people’s minds.

The circuit has not been damaged according to marketing boss, Rodrigo Sanchez, who told reporters that the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit is fine.

‘It’s been inspected twice already from the track surface and also the buildings, and it’s OK,’ said Sanchez.

‘We’ll continue doing the assessments as we go but so far there’s really no concern (about the facilities). We’ll have a race.’

It’s a risky issue as the race has hosted 135,000 people in the past and that’s a lot of strain on a facility so any damages to buildings, stand and amenities will have to be inspected very carefully.

Certainly aid has been given from Sergio Perez (3 million Pesos) and his billionaire-backer, Carlos Slim (adding 5 Pesos to every one donated), to help with the relief efforts.

Sanchez realizes that there is more at play here than just a race:

‘We’re trying to put out there all the information relevant to how people can help. Right now the concern is really getting everything back moving from the city perspective and supporting any way we can,’ he said.

‘If things stay the same, we’ll just keep working on what we’re doing. The track is fine so we just need to re-focus and get this show done.’

As of now, the Mexican Grand Prix is on but there is a lot of work to be done for Mexico city it is good to see Carlos and Sergio involved in the efforts.

Hat Tip: Daily Mail

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