Mexican GP as fast as Monza?

As we inch closer to the Mexican Grand Prix, the track is being touted as the second fastest track on the Formula 1 calendar next to Monza.

At 71 laps and a lap time expected to be around 75 seconds, it will be a big moment in F1 history as the grid has native son, Sergio Perez, driving his Force India car at the new track.

Monza was clocking 1:26s lap time approximately so 75 seconds could be a little aggressive but we’ll have to wait and see what the teams experience when they get there, what condition the track is in and how the Pirelli’s react with the surface.

As we’ve seen with Russia and other new circuits, the asphalt has a tendency to be very slippery. The inaugural year for COTA in Austin was equally slippery and I suspect that will be a challenge for the new Mexican circuit as well.

The track was recently updated with a price tag of $50 million and the race sold out early with approximately 100,000 tickets being sold.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has a long history having been built on the back of the success of brother Pedro and Ricardo Rodriguez. The track would feature in the tragedy of the Mexican racing family as it would play host to Ricardo’s death in a Rob Walker ran Lotus 24. The event was a non-championship race.

Pedro continued to race and in 1963 Jimmy Clark won in Mexico by over two minutes! It should be a fast race and it should give the Mexican fans something to cheer about having returned to the F1 calendar and doing so with Perez on the grid and running in fine fashion of late.


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Paul KieferJr

Well, not quite as fast as Monza, but pretty close. I’d expect it to be in the high 1:20’s. Looking at the track, there’s a very long stretch of straight track up at the front, and another long straight, though not as long as the front. after the first three turns. Those two alone will allow for some fast racing most of the way.

Alex Brașovan

Isn’t this the old track layout? The new one will have three more corners and times should be between 1:25 and 1:30.

Tom Firth

Yeah, the new one cuts through part of the peraltada.

This is the new layout

Tom Firth

Track would be immensely quick with the alterations to the esses and a full run through the peraltada, but wouldn’t allow it :(

Lee Ferrell

Exactly what is meant by fast here? B/c isn’t monaco like 1 minute 15 ish?

Negative Camber

It is but the overall average speed is no where near Monza or Mexico. Monza is usually the shortest race (time length) so I would imagine Mexico will be close to it.

charlie white

Let’s not forget that Mexico City is 7000 feet above sea level. That will definitely have some effects on the cars’ aero packages.