Mexico City GP Review | Podcast Ep 807

Join Paul and Me as we review the FIA Formula 1 Mexico City Grand Prix. We review the teams as they finished, talk about Red Bull’s boycott of Sky Sports F1, Ted Kravitz’s word-salad charm, Nicholas Latifi’s mad driving skills, bungled strategy, Will’s wardrobe and much more.

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You can’t really agree (collectively) that Mercedes has nothing to lose by trying the softer tires with at least one car, and immidiately later agree on how much is at stake with the constructor championship position…

So strictly speaking they might not have anything to lose, but they do have something to win, which is kind of the same thing ;)

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Louis Jansen

Thanks for the race report podcast! We always love to hear your educate opinions. In the Netherlands we are very proud of Max and his record number of win’s this season. We don’t care about the Sky tv commentators or their biased reporting, because we have our own Dutch tv commentating. In Dutch of course, so we can easily understand everything that is said!  Christijan Albers or Guido van der Garde is there to explain everything there is to know about the race. Who needs anybody else’s opinion’s? We don’t! But we value your and Paul’s opinion very much! In beautiful… Read more »


You and Paul did a great job, very entertaining. Thank you.